We invite you to discover the program of the RIDM 23rd edition. This year, the festival will
run for three weeks, from November 12 to December 2. The weekly line-ups will be
organized around 8 thematic sections with equal importance given to short, medium and
feature-length films.

109 films, including 48 features, and numerous remote discussions and workshops will,
more than ever, make November a grand celebration of documentary film.

Extended over 8 days and entirely virtual, the Forum RIDM will run from November 12 to
19. Forum RIDM offers an intensive program of professional workshops, lectures and
roundtables that focus on training, discussion and sharing of knowledge among the various
players in the industry. Every year, the event, draws over 400 professionals interested in
innovative projects and the issues currently facing documentary makers.

Check out the program!

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